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Not Able To Record Every Post

Question asked by jeff.wallace on Jul 29, 2015
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  Wondering if anyone has experienced this before.


  • I have a service that uses the Jira REST API to create Jira issues.
  • I use the rcarz Jira client to make my RESTful calls to Jira.


  The process pretty much flows like this ::

  1. Send a POST to create a Jira issue and retrieve back a link to the new issue. (DevTest captures no prob)
  2. Send a POST to add a watcher to the new Jira. (DevTest captures no prob)
  3. Send 6 POSTS to create 6 Jira sub-tasks under the new issue.  (DevTest NEVER records any of these 6 transactions.)
  4. Send 1 PUT to update a field on the parent issue. (DevTest captures no prob)


  When I deploy the Virtual Service and invoke it, if I open the "Inspection View", I can see that there are 2 POSTS being received that display "NO MATCH FOUND".  Those 2 POSTS are part of the 6 POSTS that I had expected to be recorded.


  Anybody know of any reason why these 6 POSTS aren't being recorded and why only 2 of them are being seen when invoking the virtual service?


Thank you for your time,