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Jasper Server Content Import Error

Question asked by kanbh02 Employee on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by kanbh02

Hi ,


Did anyone come across the below issue while trying to import Jaspersoft Content .


"Error in Updating PPM Data Source dwhDBVendor_enc, value = oracle"

"Error Occured: com.sun.crypto.provide.SealedObjectForKeyProtector" .



For Starter's i have built a new jasper server and tried importing the content and faced with the same issue . I have also tried the upgrade option while importing and am faced with the same issue .


I have checked another successful instance and the attribute "dwhDBVendor_enc" is User Profile Attribute which is present for the user named "jasperadmin" . My issue occurs because clarity is unable to update / add those profile attributes to the said user. I have attached the screenshot of the error and the admin.log for reference.


Any insight on this issue is most appreciated.


Thanks ,