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Question asked by Marco Antonio Velazquez Aldama on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by William Teixeira

Hello everyone ... help please


Create a ticket. In my template I have a field called type ticket, and select option Insurance, and enables another field called Insurance when I click on save.

to edit the field Insurance I have to edit the ticket y click en save.

but to remove the Insurance field, I have to edit the ticket and change the type tiket option for another option.


what is needed in the tickets, it is that the field of Insure be enabled or blocked in editing the same ticket, when a ticket type field option is selected.

without having to follow the cycle described


I'm using this code

<PDM_IF "$args.zTicketT" != 400001>

<PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdownReadonly hdr="Insurance" attr=zInsurance lookup=no>


<PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Insurance" attr=zInsurance lookup=no>


<PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Type Ticket" attr=zTicketT lookup=no>



Marco Velazquez.