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SNGTW and ServiceNow CMDB help

Question asked by jinkim on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by jonhcw

We have recently completed the integration with Nimsoft and SevriceNow.  When pulling the data from Nimsoft to add to our CMDB in ServiceNow, I noticed one CI may have multiple entries in our CMDB.  We are coalescing on the u_ci_id field but I don't think that is quite working well for us.  For example, on a switch or a VM, it lists each part of the switch or a VM as a separate CI.  As you can tell, this can cause a large influx of CIs in our CMDB.  It especially makes it hard for the techs creating INCs to find the correct CI because there are many instances of the same CI.  Has anyone come across this same issue?  Does anyone have any ideas on how I should approach this?  Should I coalesce on another field?  I have attached a screenshot of the fields that we are mapping into ServiceNow.  Are there any additional fields that I should map to help organize the CMDB?