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Alternative Common name in dtlLookup

Question asked by Gutis Champion on Aug 2, 2015
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I have created the following field on incident:

zwf SREL to cr_wf

I have put this field on incident detail form:

<PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookup hdr="WF Task" attr=cr_wf >

Everything work well but since common_name for cr_wf is description, my field is empty when there is no description in wf task. So I decided to define alternate common_name for this field. I thought that common_name_attr parameter of dtlLookup will do this for me.


<PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookup hdr="WF Task" attr=cr_wf common_name_attr = id>

But this parameter only works when I selecting the workflow task, after ticket saved it will show decription once again, if I open ticket for editing it also shows description. I have tried to use this parameter with default fields on sd12.9 and sd14.1 same results. Any suggestion?