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GRLoader 12.9 indicates errors but nothing in log

Question asked by CMDBGuy on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by Naveen_Desham


When using GRLoader 12.9 to load data from an XML file to TWA I get zero errors.  But when loading from TWA to MDB the command prompt results indicate 115 errors for CI’s and 63 errors for relationships.  The error log file (using trace_level -5 and -10) does not list any errors.  How can I find out what these errors are in order to better understand the system or correct them?


I read in a prior post to specify the error log in the command prompt but the “-e XML_err_file” switch will not work going from TWA to MDB.


There were no errors listed in the CI_TWA_CI and CI_TWA_RELATION tables and the transaction statuses were all set to “2” (successful).


Please advise.