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Webview performance issue

Question asked by Karthik Nalliyappan on Aug 4, 2015
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We use APM 9.5.2 and dashboards/metrics in investigator are not showing any data in Webview over a period of time.


Our webview is running on same server on MOM server and it has 4 GB memory allocated. I understand we did not follow proper recommendations from CA. But I wanted to know exactly what is causing webview to behave like this. From logs, I get only below minimal information to arrive the root cause. Our MOM is running fine and displaying dashboards. So no issue in MOM and cluster.

I am thinking to enable webview UI monitor to get some more information to analyze the response time but we are waiting for approvals to enable.


[WebView] Timeout while retrieving data for dashboard

BTW, can some one tell me urgently what could cause this type of errors? I find difficulties in analyzing webview performance and most of the articles I see are related to core APM architecture. Where do find ready made performance tips for webview?