CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Prevent Job Scheduler Stalls

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The recommendations in the post

CA PPM Tuesday Tip: How should the main CA PPM jobs be scheduled?
reviews the best practices when setting up the jobs to provide the best job scheduler performance while still providing critical data to the userbase.


We will now review the job scheduler in terms of planned outages such as as a PPM server migration, maintenance, and/or upgrade.



Ahead of the planned outage, be sure to perform the following on the Reports and Jobs > Scheduled page, before the BG service(s) are shutdown.
a. Set jobs that are WAITING to PAUSED
b. Set jobs that are SCHEDULED to PAUSED
d. Delete all CANCELLED job instances


The job scheduler will be ensured to be in a no-load state which will prevent orphan jobs, database sequencing issues, and out-of-sync job starts.

After the planned outage completes, the following can be performed on the Reports and Jobs > Scheduled page, after the BG service(s) are started.
a. Run an immediate Time Slicing job to ensure it completes. Check the Administration > Time Slices page to ensure the 'Last Run' date reflects the most current time.
b. Checkmark all PAUSED jobs and click the RESUME button. The jobs will be autoscheduled.


These steps will ensure a smooth job scheduler startup as it will prevent jobs from getting stuck in the 'Processing', 'Waiting', and 'Scheduled' states.

If there is any issue with the Time Slicing job or the job scheduler after a scheduler interuption occurs, please open an issue.