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HUB disconnects?

Question asked by rith on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by rith

We have 8 secondary hubs. On two of them, we get connection problems from time to time. It sometimes seems to be that communication has been down for a short while.

The problem is that the hubs does not start up again, even if we have communication with ping.

Sometimes they're connected for hours, but normally it usually takes a few days before they're disconnected.

Forgot to look in the log last time, but will try to capture the it next time.


The resolution is to restart the service "Nimsoft Robot Watcher" on the secondary hub, or restart the hub-probe from the primary hub.


My question is if anyone has had similar problems, and what the reasons could be?

Are there any default settings in the hubs (both primary and skundär) that should be changed?


All hubs is version 7.80. And all hubs have the same default standard settings.