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OWB- Lock Task

Question asked by Tammi Champion on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by Tammi

Good Morning Everyone.


Is there way to lock a task so the estimates do not move forward, so this would supersede the actual thru from moving the estimates forward? A user had an issue and I want to make sure I am giving the correct solution.



User comment- Over the past few weeks I updated all the hours for all resources in OWB for the Contact Center Infrastructure-Patient Engagement project.  Tasks and hours were specified by specific month, and had different start and end dates.  I saw the email today regarding updating OWB, so I went in to check.  All the hours I put in have changed and are no longer even in the correct months.  Tasks that weren’t supposed to start until December were now starting in September.


How do I make sure that this doesn’t happen again.  It wasn’t just a matter of hours rolling into August – almost none of the hours were correct for any month.  I want to lock in the specific information for each task for each specific month.

If the user has been updating the estimates over the past few weeks then should should see the estimates moving forward after each week once timesheets post. I dont think it would move task dates to start from December to September so something is missing here. We don't autoschedule here


Any help I can get would be great.