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9.5.0 Introscope Workstation now will not come up on Desktop

Question asked by patrickjo44 on Aug 5, 2015
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My desktop had IBM data studio v4.1.1 client installed on it, I notice when I start it, in task manager, it has an eclipse.exe and javaw.exe running.


My issue Is now when I double click on my 9.5.0 introscope short cut, it will start a javaw.exe for a second and then end, and it will not start up my desktop.


What is more strange is that I map a drive from my laptop to my Desktop and I can bring up my Introscope 9.5.0 workstation!


not sure on next steps other than uninstall the ibm data studio, but...I can bring workstation up on my laptop when I map it to my desktop!


Pat O'Connor