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Button on Form to Open Template Ticket

Question asked by GregBunce on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by Brian_Mathato

I am trying to figure out the URL I would need to use to create a button on the Employee home page that would link to a template.

Basically, I want to create a 'Suggestion Box' button that the employee can click to ask for enhancements to the tool that would open a templated request.


I tried using just a text link I use in knowledge docs as below, but that does nothing when I click on it.

<A href="java script:CreateTicketFromLink('cr:10136833','0','','0','cr')" linktext="Suggest an Enhancement" itilcrfactory="cr" issdocvalues="0" crdocvalues="0" isstemplate="" crtemplate="cr:10136833" kt_doc_custom_attr="create_ticket_link"><FONT size=4>Suggest an Enhancement</FONT></A>


Any suggestions?