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Translating APM traps on UIM with snmpd probe

Question asked by michael.kop on Aug 6, 2015

Greetings all,


We currently use APM 9.7 and UIM 8.0 and would like to send APM based traps to the UIM alarm console.  We generated an APM-MIB and ran it through the snmpd MIB setup wizard.  I then launched the snmpd trap listener and sent a test trap from APM and was received as an unformatted trap.  I created a profile and sent another test trap and see an alarm is now received in UIM, however the message states


alarm message text is empty.


What I noticed is the APM based trap contains multiple variables.  I clicked on the PDU Variable Rule of the APM trap profile.  I am interested in the output of variable 7, OID APM::MIB::alert-message which contains the violation.


Ok so now my question:

How do I configure the PDU variable to generate a major alarm if the CPU exceeded the target?


And how would I go about generating a clear message when the condition no longer exists?


Appreciate the help!