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De-Identifying Question

Question asked by jeff.wallace on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by Prem_Bairoliya

Hello all-


  I'm running through a simple scenario where I want to build a virtual service out of Request/Response pairs and desensitize some of the argument values.


For the most part, everything is working fine.  It is recognizing my SSN and email argument values and desensitizing them, but it's not desensitizing everything.


Here is my request that I give to the recorder ::




and after running it through the recorder, it has clearly de-sensitized my SSN and email values ::



But, I also want to desensitize the city, fname, lname, and state values.




In the de-identify.xml file (located at LISA_HOME/de-identify.xml) there are filter entries for SSN and email address and I'm assuming they are the ones that are being invoked when my SSN and email values are getting de-identified. 



there are also filter entries for fname, lname, city, and state, but they apparently aren't being invoked.



So the question is, does anyone know why these filters for fname, lname, city, and state aren't being invoked and how I can correct it ?


Thank you for your time,