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Implementing the whole suite (USS,CATALOG,SDM,PAM,EEM) divided in 3 layers, is it possible?

Question asked by Ogonzalez22 on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Ogonzalez22

Hi dudes,


We are planning a implementation divided in 3 layers, front end layer, app servers layer and database layer, is it  possible?


I mean, In the front end, I would install a Web server, ( a secondary server in SDM), on it, would it be possible install the web service of catalog and uss and pam?


In the app layer, i would install application servers, like SDM (primary server), USS, EEM, PAM, CATALOG.


And, in the back-end I would be installing the database server.


would it be possible? Make an implementation divided in this 3 layers?






Web server: the employees should be access the SDM, USS, PAM, from here.



App server layer:


USS, PAM, CATALOG, EEM, SDM, servers application.





Db server.




All the layers are obviously connected each other.


Thanks in advance.


We'll appreciate any help or tip.


Best Regards