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How can I assume that how much CAI agant consume heap size and permanent memory size in JBOSS?

Question asked by nishi04 Employee on Aug 7, 2015
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Hi Experts,


I am doing PoC including CAI for Japanese insurance company.

They are using JBOSS EAP 6 and GuideWire PolicyCenter(GWPC) application is running on it.

JBOSS memory settings are -Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=512MB because GWPC requires there sizes as a minimum requirement.

I installed CAI agent on JBOSS and try to start up JBOSS but did not start up properly.

I checked devtest_agent_XXXX.log and I found an "Out of Memory Error" on it. (See below)


[DevTest AGENT:A][INFO][26075][25][Stats Gathering Thread][07/17 17:54:28 (443)] Starting Dispatching...

[DevTest AGENT:A][WARN][26075][109][ServerService Thread Pool -- 49][07/17 17:54:53 (793)] Max handles limit (921 ) approaching - forcing GC...

[DevTest AGENT:A][WARN][26075][25][Stats Gathering Thread][07/17 17:54:57 (035)] GC Thrashing

[DevTest AGENT:A][WARN][26075][25][Stats Gathering Thread][07/17 17:55:17 (014)] Permgen size approaching limit

[DevTest AGENT:A][WARN][26075][19][Agent Info Notifier][07/17 17:55:52 (029)] Possible GC Thrashing...

[DevTest AGENT:A][ERROR][26075][25][Stats Gathering Thread][07/17 17:55:55 (082)] UNCAUGHT THROWABLE

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space


The cause is, obviously, memory is not enough so I should ask to customer to increase memory settings much customer should increase? Do we have references or guides about it? This is my question.




Hirofumi Nishino

Application Delivery Presales | CA Technologies Japan