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Delays in server response SDM 14.1

Question asked by samatar.yacin on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Brian_Mathato


I come here to ask for your help. It is two days since I'm stuck in a situation that I can not debug.
To talk, I work IT PAM (Version 4.2 SP02) and Service Desk Manager (Version 14.1). I had created a condition macros and events to trigger an IT PAM process to update data or make new insertions in the SDM database.
The macro is triggered when the status of the client change request. But at SDM server response take enough time to execute. And when I check in SDM Adminstration - System - Locks current, I see that it is blocked.
I want to join printed screens for better understanding. Thank you for giving me time to unlock my situation.verrous1.png


reponse de serveur.png