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Create pages of a dataset and insert variable into a page by coding

Question asked by Nghia Dao Dung on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by Nghia Dao Dung

I need to create a dataset content completly by coding WITHOUT ANY UI ACTION.

It look like:

Datasets["/path/mydataset"] = newDataset();

Datasets["/path/mydataset"]["chicken"] = newValueMap();

Datasets["/path/mydataset"]["duck"] = newValueMap();

Datasets["/path/mydataset"]["pig"] = newValueMap();

Datasets["/path/mydataset"]["bull"] = newValueMap();

I need add variable chicken and duck into "poultry" page, pig and bull into "cattle" page. But I don't know how to create pages for dataset or create a variable with a page.

Could anyone help me to do this. Thanks!