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CA SSO R12.52 SP1: Secure Proxy Server UI: Cannot login

Question asked by zestep on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Karmeng

Good morning,


I am trying to install and configure SPS 12.52 on a Redhat system.


Installation and configuration have gone pretty smoothly, but I cant log in to the /proxyui.

I am using an openldap userdir, that I have used for SM HTTP Basic Auth independently of this work.


I have added this userdir to the domain and policy for SPS Admin UI protection in the SM Admin UI...


When I try to log in as my user, the SPS server throws a 500 error. I am issued a SMSESSIONCOOKIE and as long as this cookie is around the server will return error code 500.


What should I do to my userdir to get it to work with SPS Proxy UI? Should I add an SPSAdmin user?




"2015-Aug-10 10:51:01,967 - INFO - -  Exiting from getCustErrMsgsConfig

"2015-Aug-10 10:51:03,004 - INFO - - User might not have required permissions to get group information

This is the error message that causes the 500 error - what group must I add the user to in order to get it access to /proxyui ?


Please help, this is not described in the installation materials....