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Force a connection reset

Question asked by BrianNivens4455398 on Aug 10, 2015



We are doing negative testing and trying force a timeout for several conditions. I can create a socket timeout by adding an assertion on the VS Image Selection step that loops back to the http listener.


We also need a connection reset error. Connection resets are caused when the responder closes the connection before responding. I haven't found a way for Lisa to close the connection. I've tried using a Groovy script to null the response and http transaction objects. That also caused a socket timeout. Also used a script to throw an exception and abort the test on exception. Then deploy to the VSE with the auto retstart set to true. The exception was hit, and the service kept going.The user received a socket exception.


Does anyone know of a way to force a connection reset or get a reference to the http connection in a script?


Thanks for your help