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CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Advanced Reporting - giving a user permission to All Domains and All Reports

Question asked by SHAWN WALSH Employee on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by SHAWN WALSH

You may have a need to provide a user the ability to run all "out of box" reports in Advanced Reporting / Jaspersoft.  However, you do not want to provide them the "Advanced Reporting - Administrator" in PPM.


One way to accomplish that would be to assign the user the Jaspersoft role: "CSK_ALL_REPORTS_DOMAINS".

In Advanced Reporting, navigate to "Manage" > "Users".  Edit the user you would want to have this access and assign the role as shown below in Figure 1



Figure 1



For more information on the "CSK_*" roles and what they provide,  please refer to Chapter 8 in the PMO Advanced Reporting Guide: