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Is there a possibility to change DSA name??? for replication to work.

Question asked by ChristieJS on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by ChristieJS

Hi All,


Just wanted to know, whether it would be possible to change a DSA name without removing or recreating the DSA.


I tried to do and start it came pretty fine and i was able to get the contents loaded on to the jxplorer. However when I tried to replicate with different DSA in different server, which had the same old name of the DSA which was renamed, it didn't replicate and replication failed with few messages,


1. [6] 20150811.143044.135 WARN : Remote DSA has our name! this from --> this was from the server which i had renamed the dsa. I didn't find the same error in the server2 dsa.

     so my guess was somewhere in the .db the old name is still stored. so i tried to figure that and i was able to find a instance where the old name was there. And that name is what goes as a datastore while doing the replication


Any clue how to change the DSA without deleting, or removing is the only option to make replication work?


I dont want to delete this dsa, since this dsa is being by CA SSO for policy store and I have configured AdminUI with this Policy Store.