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Load Pattern Options in Staging Documents

Question asked by hartojoe on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by LizR

Hi all,


In CA DevTest, we have 5 load pattern options:

■ Immediately Ramp

■ Manual Load Pattern

■ Run N Times

■ Stair Steps

■ Weighted Average Pattern


My general question:  can anyone explain to me which load pattern option is good to in what type of situation or scenario?


My specific question: let's say I would like to run 5 instances with a delay in each of their execution. So for example, instance 1 start the test case right away, however instance 2 or 3 starts 3 secs after or even after the previous test case has run completely. How do I configure my staging document to match that requirement?


Any suggestions, thoughts, or feedback?


Any detail answers will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.