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Scoreboard stored query for custom object

Question asked by Gutis Champion on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by cdtj

Is it possible to create scoreboard stored query for custom object?

I have learned that list of supported objects is defined in bop.maj file as the dummy factory:


// list of objects available for scoreboard stored queries

    FACTORY stored_query_prod_list {

        RESTRICT "group LIKE '%stored_query%'" { group = "stored_query" } ;


     SORT_BY "sym, name";


REL_ATTR sym ;


FUNCTION_GROUP "reference" ;

    } ;


Each object that supports stored query's have the DISPLAY_GROUP "stored_query"; definition e.g.:

OBJECT cr_wf {

    DISPLAY_GROUP "macro event object_notify act_log tree_node stored_query notify_msg_tpl";


I have tried to add DISPLAY_GROUP "stored_query" to my object definition in wsp.mods, but is not enough.


Maybe someone have more experience with this?