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PAM accross two datacenters

Question asked by milan.ziga on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by chivi06

We would like to implement CA PAM to a new HA environment. The environment contains two datacenters DC1 (primary) and DC2(backup). We would like to have installed 2 PAM servers in each DC. I found in “CA Process Automation High Availability and Disaster Recovery Guidelines.pdf” from April 2010 some information but I not sure if I understood well how to correctly install PAM servers.

Is it following design recommended?


   Domain orchestrator 1 (master)

   Domain orchestrator 2 (slave)



Domain orchestrator 3 (slave)

Domain orchestrator 4 (slave)


Domain orchestrators in DC2 should by stopped and started for work only in case of failures in DC1. Am I right?

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