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Data handler for a 2 part tcp request

Question asked by KishoreThadani on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by Balamuruganravir

I am trying to write a data handler for tcp request.


This tcp request(s) is generated by triggering a SOAP request in the front end.


The format of the tcp Requests is:

4ByteHeader(which specifies the length of data payload) followed by DataPayload


The way the 2 part Request comes in is:

1st part (Request): 4ByteHeader

2nd part (a new Request): Followed by the data payload.


In the vs that I have created, in the first tcp listen step which contains the header, I do nothing and trigger the tcp Respond step.  This particular action generates an error response (in the original SOAP request which is the front end request  that generates the entire tcp requests that I am trying to write a handler for).  I also observe that, the subsequent tcp request that  contains the data payload comes in next, and it is processed successfully with the proper response, but this response becomes completely mute in the original SOAP transacation, since it already generated the error response resulting from the handling of the first part 4byteheader tcp portion.


Any tips and/or help will be appreciated on how to process/handle the first tcp header part which can be totally ignored and move straight to processing  the 2nd tcp data payload part.