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"Actuals Thru" date not allowing to change Task -> Finish Date

Question asked by ashmi_ashma on Aug 14, 2015
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I have a project task where I want to set the Task's finish date to 10/07/15 from 10/08/2015 but Clarity does not allow to do that as 3 of the resources assigned to the task have "Actuals Thru" date = 9/08/15. More confusing is the fact that none of the resources have entered time for the project in concern after May 2015 (*/05/15), and the actuals thru date is taking its value from the last date (of the time period) for which the resources have entered time in other projects.


This is making 2 completely unrelated projects dependent - which is not ideal.


How do I change the "Finish Date" of this task? Any ideas?