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How to use OBS lookup without having to select OBS type

Question asked by urmas on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by urmas

When I look at the system say the projects and the OBS's.

They use the lookup OBS_BROWSE_FLT_PRJ

There is no selection for the OBS type nor the association mode though that is in the query


OBS Projects Filter Browse    Translate    OBS_BROWSE_FLT_PRJ    List of OBS units associated with Project (Filter)    Dynamic Niku Query    System-restricted



                 @SELECT:a.type_id:type_id@    FROM   prj_obs_units a

                 WHERE @FILTER@


When I use the lookup in a custom object based portlet it behaves differently

It puts the association in the filter by default and when I use the filter I have to choose the OBS type first


When I use the same lookup in a query based portet I do not have the association mode in the filter

It is in the filter field definitions, but I am not quite sure it works. When using the filter I have to select the OBS type first

That is if the top one is not the one I want to use.

The benefit of this lookup is the hierarchy which make is somewhat easier to find the OBS units compared to a custom lookup with exactly the same query which gives there results flat.


Please educate me: How do I get a hierarchical OBS lookup for a query based portlet so that the user does not have to select the OBS type first.