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Xog out and xog in Allocation Request status

Question asked by Suhas Kamble on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by navzjoshi00

I want to set Request status to Completed. However I am not finding the name of Xog element when in Xog_read this project.


It shows only below data related to this screen. All but that field.


<Resource availFrom="2015-07-05T08:00:00" availTo="2015-08-15T17:00:00" bookingStatus="5" capitalPercentage="0" defaultAllocation="0" isProjectManager="true" lastUpdatedBy="ME" lastUpdatedDate="2015-08-17T12:34:26" openForTimeEntry="true" projectRoleID="blah" resourceID="ME" staffOBSType="2-Organization" staffOBSUnit="blah">



            <ColumnValue name="partition_code">NIKU.ROOT</ColumnValue>





What is that field in XOG xml?