Tech Tip - CA Data Protection: Improved Text Analysis

Discussion created by devan05 Employee on Aug 18, 2015

CA Data Protection Tech Tip by Andrew Devine, Senior Support Engineer for 18 August 2015


The core functionality of CA Data Protection (DataMinder) is based around text extraction and analysis.  One of the key components used to deliver this functionality is the use of the 3rd party text extraction utility "Keyview".


From time to time CA Data Protection updates the Keyview components to address bugs and defects, however these updates also include enhancements that help improve the reliability of the text analysis which in turn can reduce false positives and improve the throughput of text extraction. 



To get the most out of Data Protection (DataMinder) we would recommend deploying the latest Keyview updates:



CA Data Protection 15.0 Keyview Update (10.23)

CA Data Minder 14.6 Keyview Update (10.23)

CA Data Minder 14.5 Keyview Update (10.23)