Patrick Thomson

Tech Tip - CA Privileged Identity Manager: CAPKI installation directory is different on servers

Discussion created by Patrick Thomson Employee on Aug 18, 2015

When setting up a complete environment, there is a possibility you may be dismantling a prior server in order to reuse it. Although efficient in order to maintain DNS entries and keeping track of your servers this can cause issues regarding CAPKI. Below is the way to correct the installation location that may have been altered from a prior installation. This is mostly used if the issue arises and you have environmental restraints regrading directory location.

Before the installation, the customer just need to make sure CAPKI is uninstalled, and /opt/CA/SharedComponents/ca_lic/CAPKI is removed.

# env | grep CASHCOMP


**This will check the local variables for cashcomp to show the location where it would be installed**

**If CASHCOMP is set to /opt/CA/SharedComponents/ca_lic, we need to run the following to remove/set it to the correct location.

# unset CASHCOMP

# CASHCOMP=/opt/CA/SharedComponents

# export CASHCOMP

# vi /etc/profile.CAand then make sure CASHCOMP is set with /opt/CA/SharedComponents 

After this is all checked, there should be no issues regarding the CAPKI install location.