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display/use the TaskID in the task itself

Question asked by w4ll on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by Lenn Thompson

I want to use/display the TaskID in the Task(form) itself.

It is not possible to do this via initializationcode (Process.TaskID=Caller.TaskID) because the value is 0 at the time of initialization.


Is there a way/function/variable etc. to get it?



I've got a dirty solution..


getRoid : function(temp) {

   var ROIDurl =;

   var ROIDurl = ROIDurl.replace("?ROID=", "");

   var TaskID = ROIDurl.replace("&page=replytask", "");

   ca_pam_setTextFieldValue('Form.taskidroid', TaskID);

return TaskID;



ca_pam_setTextFieldValue is only able to set Values of a textfield not HTML field


Dear people at CA is there a way to set HTML field values from inside the form script?