CA MAA SDK : Integration API for Javascript based mobile framework (phonegap/cordova)

Discussion created by sharu03 Employee on Aug 19, 2015
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Hey everyone,


We are excited to share that CA MAA SDK APIs will be available for javascript based mobile platforms like cordova/phonegap in upcoming release 15.2.1


How to get started :



     Extract wrapper zip file  and copy CaMDOIntegration.js to your app.

     Include CaMDOIntegration.js in all html files where integration api needs to be available.

    <script src="js/CaMDOIntegration.js"></script>

     Start using apis in javascript/html files.



for example :


//start a application transaction from webview/html


var isTransactionStarted = CaMDOIntegration.startApplicationTransaction(transactionName);



More details of apis available here :