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how to debug maileater

Question asked by milan.ziga on Aug 21, 2015
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We have integrated our MS Axapta and customer's CA Service Desk 12.5 via mail communication. Using this communication were able to update request tickets in SD without any problems for a few years. A few days ago MailEater stopped to correctly recognize information in incoming emails and now wants to create new tickets instead of update existing ones.


08/19 08:04:16.10 SDSERVER       spelsrvr             2760 ERROR        cr_chg_text_api.spl   1214 AHD58009:Could not create Request. Reason: INVALID - AHD03075:Required attribute Request Area is missing from object Request


Incoming emails are received from email address of contact that is active and has permission to update tickets.

Is it possible to enable any debug log that can show how MailEater processing incoming emails and rules defined in text_api.cfg?


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