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How to create ACM information without generating everything then keeping the output libs members?

Question asked by RonBOL on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by Dan_Walther

Our site is going through the project to establish Endevor. One thing they intend to do is load up the Production stage with the source assigned to the proper locations. However there is no intent to generate any thing. No compiling, etc. But the question that was raised was, is there an alternate method to capture the information of the components? We could compile everything if the mainframe had the 'horse power'. But it doesn't. However, one of the thoughts is to generate everything and then remove the output members. Another words capture the compilation info, but then delete the output members (loads). Concern would be that the ACM would have issues with missing members.


Could using CONRELE be an alternate method to preload program / copybook relations .. which mean no compiles.