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Impressions UIM 8.31,  anyone?

Question asked by on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by BryanKMorrow

Hello all,


I came back from a three week Holiday and lo and behold, UIM 8.31 was released. Reading through the release notes made me a bit weary, looked like there were more known issues than upgrades.


So I said to myself, let's take a look at the communties and see what the other techies think about it.

And I found nothing, nada, .... or my internet browsing skills have severely diminished (or the zombie apocalypse has devoured every UIM administrator). I'm not seeing a lot of activity (though it is still Holiday season)


So, anyone running 8.31 in a live environment? Is it more stable and how is performance? Is it worth the upgrade?


I currently running it in a small lab, but to be honest, I cannot see any immediate improvement. But as I said, it is a small lab and not really representative for our current live environment.


kind regards