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Error: "Test the Web Service Using the soapUI Client Application Request " Exercise Lab 2-1 Gateway v8.1: Inst. and Config. 200

Question asked by ajcremades on Aug 25, 2015
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I'm making "CA␣Layer␣7␣Gateway␣v8.1␣ Installation and Configuration 200"* course and I'm stuck at exercise Lab 2-1 from Lab Guide: Publish a SOAP Web Service. After publishing the SOAP service provided by them, they tell you to "Test the Web Service Using the soapUI Client Application Request ". Before continuing I'll say that all this belongs to a prepared virtual environment provided by the course. It consist of 3 virtual machines:

  • Virtual Desktop
  • Gateway1
  • Demo-Services (I quote:"The Demo Services VM hosts the back end services that the Gateway1 VM will use. Although  the Demo Services VM needs to be running, you will not be using this VM in the training. You  will only be using the Virtual Desktop and Gateway1 VM")

And the three machines are reachable and are well configured. Also the files or anything you need is contained in this machines. I carry on with the explanation of the problem.


Here I show you the view of soapUI displaying the Request code from PurchaseFlight:


At some step they tell you to do this:

"12. Change the seat variable in the XML code from ? to: 1"



Next they tell you to submit request to specified endpoint URL (clicking on green button under the title bar Request 1 windows). It is supposed to display this after clicking:


But I don't get anything.


Also tell you to do this:

"14. Next, you will test the request for PurchaseFlight to the back end web service through the  resolution path in the Gateway, which acts as a proxy service. To do this: 

     a. Change the URL, port number, and resolution path to:


     b. Click Submit request to specified endpoint URL.

        Confirm that the response with the same flight cost appears in the right pane. 

        Note: Notice that reference number changes each time you send a request. 

     c. Change the seat number to 2 and submit the request.

        Confirm that the flight cost increases and the reference number changes.

     d. Change the seat number to 3 and submit the request. 

        Confirm that the request is invalid. This is because the data in the Demo Services VM is  limited to 1 or 2 seats only."


But this is what I get.


How can be this happening when I didn't modified anything? What can I do? I'm quite noob with all these stuff. Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,

Andrés-J. Cremades


* All information contained in this post comes from  CA. CA Layer 7 Gateway v8.1: Installation and Configuration 200 Lab Guide. CA/Gilmore. VitalBook file.