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Weekend and Holiday schedule one time modifications, easiest way..i.e can it be done in batch ....

Question asked by bgilbert1.1 on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Lucy_zhang

Our batch windows runs from 7am until 6:59 the next day.  Our batch is setup on this schedule.  On the last workday of a week separate files (JCL with setup jobs and Julian date) are setup for each day over the non week days, this resumes the following weekday.  All jobs for upcoming weekend days show in ESP as scheduled in CSF until 7am of the scheduled day at which time they become active.



Over an upcoming long holiday weekend I have extensive modifications for days still showing as scheduled in ESP.  I am looking to perform as much of this as I can in batch mode on the last workday of the week.  I know today in our batch setup process we issue HOLD , perform all our setups and at the end issue a release  This is done for all events. 


I have all these jobs for each day that need to be put on hold, some force completed, some even the time changed..


Can I modify these on before they become active and show as scheduled in ESP?

Can I do this at the application level?

Can I do this at the job level?.


Small examples would be appreciated......




P.S I can see in many of our events old one off coding of on this date schedule these jobs on hold, hoping to not have to modify all the events individually!