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Adding conditional checkboxes in htmpl pages

Question asked by caadmin on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by caadmin

Hi All,

we are trying to add some new defined fields in change and incident related htmpl pages (ie. detail_chg.htmpl and detail_in.htmpl) in service desk r12.7.
For example,
1.  We have added one check box (named temporary change) and two date fields (named "To Date" & "From Date") and we want to display these fields in such a way that when user checks the check box then only the date fields should appear ( i.e conditional check box concept) as mandetory fields.
2.  We have added a checkbox (names "SLA brached?") and a dropdown which has the penalty clauses if the user checks the checkbox then only drop down should be appeared (as mandetory)

Is it possible to achieve?
Has anyone done this before? If yes, please guide us.

Sailee Dale
Service Desk Team
Data Center
Bank of Maharashtra, Pune