Tip: eHealth debugging can crash eHealth

Discussion created by DocDabbelju on Aug 27, 2015
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I just ran into this, just to make you aware:


I crashed my ehealth by enabling debugging for the nhiCfgServer process in startup.cfg

  program nhiCfgServer {

     restart     all     # Requires complete server restart

     wait        2

     arguments "-Dall -Dt"



and letting it run overnight. This produced a 2GB log file

While this is no problem for the OS, it seems to be a file size limit for the CfgServer, which crashes the process!


The effect is that CfgServer crashes at every startup, and because eHealth depends on it, it does no longer start


Symptoms are:

- debug logfile size of exactly 2^31 -1 bytes

- sudden restarts in system.log with no error

- no new entries in this file when ehealth tries to start



- rename the log file


- stop debugging


Not sure if the same applies to debugging of other processes