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How to access request response objects in JSR-223 step in VSM?

Question asked by svrajasekar on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by sdetweil2

Basically I want to do these:


Create  VSM from scratch


Add VS Listener Step


Add VS Router Step


Add JSR-223 Step


Add VS Responder Step : this will loop back to listener step


In JSR 223 step:

I would like to retrieve request object and based on the operation and arguments would like to generate a response.


I tried "testExec.getStateValue("lisa.vse.request") and cast to Request object. But throws class cast exception. Unable to proceed further. I even tried lisa_vse_request.getOperation(), this too throws exception


I never tried on the response side.


Please let me know how to access request object and generate response object.