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How to prevent DevTest 8.3 JSON data filter to replace   with _plus_ or $ with _dollar_, etc?

Question asked by yanick_salzmann on Aug 27, 2015

Hi all


since today I am using DevTest 8.3 after using LISA 7.5.2 for a while. The existing service was deployed again, but now suddenly in the attributes that were created using the JSON data filter in the virtual HTTP Listener i see for example "_plus__plus__dollar_body of the content_plus_" instead of "++$body of the content+". The problem is now, that i save these values in a SharedModelMap and later (in another request) use them to generate a response, therefore the response now contains all these _XYZ_ characters. Is there a way to disable this behavior as it was in LISA 7.5.2?


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