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Policy Store Thresholds?

Question asked by LRKelly on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by Hubert Dennis

R12 SP3 CR11 Policy Server on Solaris 10

Oracle LDAP



Trying to find out if anyone has met the max thresholds or started to see major issue once reaching a certain number of objects?  We need to know what thresholds exist – how many is “too many” of any given object.  I’d suspect Trusted Hosts is our highest count type of object right now (over 8K trusted hosts configured), but any thresholds need to be identified BEFORE we hit them. Are there any objects that have a threshold that could be different than another? How many ACOs, HCOs, Domains?

Basically, our Policy Server takes over 30 minutes to load due to volume being cached, now trusted host registration is also lagging.

We have thousands of policies and millions of users.

We're in the process of moving to R12.51, but we'll need these thresholds as well.