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How to monitor application expenses?

Question asked by Mika_B on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Chris_Hackett

Hello everyone,


I have tried to look at the Application object briefly but I am a bit lost. We are using project object to manage almost all our work.

So basically, all expenses for Applications should also flow through projects. Is there some ootb way to get them visible from application point of view?


So what I am searching is something like this:


1. First of all, you have a project that is somehow linked to a application, or multiple applications.

2. The work is recorded in timesheet for project tasks and converted to expenses by Cost Matrix

3. I would like to see the expenses from Application object


According to my tests, If you wish to see expenses in Application side, you must enter time against them directly. If you convert tasks to project from Application, you still can't see them from Application.

Have I missed something or is this the only way to get expenses to Application?


The way I have thought it would be nice to function, you actually should be able to link individual tasks to individual application. That way you could have several applications in single project.


Is there some best practices for combined use of project and application object?


I'm sure some one is using project object and application object, so it would be really kind to share me some of the secrets of Ca PPM