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F5 Load Balanced configuration SSL offload and onload ??

Question asked by andy.erskine on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by andy.erskine

Hi folks

I'm working to a load balanced F5 Configuration design that has the following config ...

Comms from Browser to the MOM:

Client > https:443 > f5 VIP > F5 SNAT > http:8080 > Server (MOM)

So when i browse my URL https://dnsname i get the APM welcome screen for Workstation / CEM

When i then click on the CEM login i get the error This webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

the client is redirected to http://dnsname/wily/cem/tess/app/login.html and therefore fails.

I can see in the em.log :

8/31/15 02:39:17.509 PM EST [INFO] [btpool0-1] [Manager.EMWebServer.WebStartWebapp] CEMRedirectServlet is loaded by webstart plugin

8/31/15 02:39:17.510 PM EST [INFO] [btpool0-1] [Manager.EMWebServer.WebStartWebapp] we are redirecting to : /wily/cem/tess/app/login.html


If i manually amend the URL to https://dnsname/wily/cem/tess/app/login.html the login works.

Is this a config issue on the F5 ? or have i missed some config in APM ?