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Should the example web server configurations in WebServerConfig.xml be usable?

Question asked by MatthewConnolly62353783 on Sep 1, 2015
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We've only started using the webserver powerpack and I am encountering a few unexpected behaviours with it.


One of these is when I reconfigure the OHS example from WebServerConfig, it complains about missing parameters :


Here is the line :

<WebServer Type="Apache:Oracle-HTTP-Server" Enabled="true" Protocol="TLS" ServerURL="https://wily-ohs:443" DisplayName="wily-ohs_443_ssl" Mode="Permissive"/>


If this is reconfigured to use real values, it will manage to collect metrics successfully but you'll get warning errors like this :


8/31/15 03:01:10 PM AEST [WARN] [WebServerMonitor] No MetricsURL attribute specified for loginportal_ohs4-PPTE. Assuming default.

8/31/15 03:01:10 PM AEST [WARN] [WebServerMonitor] RefreshFrequencyInSeconds is either not available or empty for https://xxxxxxx:4444. Defaulting it to 15 seconds


I added the following parameters to the config to get rid of the errors :

RefreshFrequencyInSeconds="15" MetricsURL="/server-status"


But it still seems a bit rubbish that the example configuration doesn't work without errors.


Is this an issue with my configuration or are the examples flawed?

If they are flawed are the rest of the example configs also incorrect?