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Regarding Job Logs / std_err_file

Question asked by Sunish_CA on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by scarrobis

we have autosys jobs defined in our envt, however in WCC when we are trying to see the JOB LOGS (STD output, agent log and Error logs) under Job RUN in Quick View, it is not displaying any error logs, even after the job is getting failed and script is through error or even a simple echo "fail".


i have defined the following:


std_out_file: /tmp/test/job_output.txt

std_err_file: /tmp/test/job_error.txt

on success of job, i can see the logs under standard output file in WCC or on machine level but for failure i am not seeing the logs. also i am not getting any error msg its just blank error output console.

For output and agent logs i am seeing the full details.


SO how can i see the error logs in WCC?

Other requirement wrt to logs is:

user wants to have log file created as job_name_Job_executing_datetime_output.txt and error.txt

eg: JOb ABC running at 2nd Sept, 2015 at 11AM, will create log files like... ABC_09/02/2015/11:00_output.txt and ABC_09/02/2015/11:00_error.txt