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Problem sending scheduled pdf by email of dashboard in UMP 8.31

Question asked by a.pietersen on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by a.pietersen

After reading the "What's New" part in the release notes of the NMS 8.31 and understood that it provided a new feature to schedule dasboards in pdf format, I decided to upgrade to NMS 8.31. After installation of the upgrade, which went without a problem,  I have tested this new feature immediately after the upgrade. Because we value this feature as a great addition.


Generating a pdf manually was very easy and straightforward. Bu unfortunately, creating a scheduled job combined wit a delivery by email, I ran into problems. But I have not found a way yet how to troubleshoot this new feature. The SMTP settings I used are exactly the same as we use for the scheduled sla and performance report feature. So what do I wrong here?


What I also miss is a test button and a log (kind of feedback) to see what and where it goes wrong. Instead of waiting and see if an scheduled email is received.


Doe anyone has a clue?



Ashley Pietersen