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How do I control how many "Other Work" tasks Populate my timesheets?

Question asked by cpscholes on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by Kathryn_Ellis

We are using "Other Work" for the first time in Clarity.  Prior to upgrading to 14.2, we had all our Support and Admin work as Projects with several tasks underneath each.  We have now created 4 "Admin" Other Work and 18 "Innovation" Other Work items and have assigned our entire IT team to them.  This is because we don't know when a resource will need to book things like Admin-Vacation or Innovation-DataCenter, etc.


The problem is that all 22 (4+18) Other Work items show up on everyone's timesheets all the time.  Is there a control to make the timesheets Populate the way Project work does, i.e., whereby *only*  the prior week's active Other Work items carry over to the next week?  This way, someone who does not enter, say Admin-Sick time this week, wouldn't automatically have that line next week Populate their screen.  But if they entered Admin-Vacation this week, that item would appear on the next week's timesheet.


The way we did this prior using an Admin 'project' with tasks for Vacation, Sick etc. worked fine in this manner.


Thanks in advance.