Jaspersoft Custom Reports Backups during patch install or Upgrade

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Hello fellow Clarity folks,



I thought I might share some more tips concerning Jaspersoft. I hope this will be useful for some of you that develop their own reports.


What to do for Custom Reports Backup

Let's say you have custom reports and you need to keep them on the Jaspersoft Server.


Best practice : do not keep your custom reports under CA PPM. During upgrade or patch install, this folder may get overwritten.


If you are about to install a patch or upgrade please do the following:
1. Move your custom reports to Shared Folder
2. For additional backup, you may export your reports. You can do this by right-clicking on the report and selecting Export:

Then uncheck the options shown in the popup unless you specifically use them:

You can also save and export an entire folder if all your custom reports are saved there with the same option.

To reimport the exported to zip data after patch/upgrade go to Manage - Server Settings - Import, enter your file name in Browse and select the options needed.


Important Note : This export/import will only work well with the same organization id. So if you are deleting and recreating the organization or changing its name, you may encounter issues. Jaspersoft exports the report with the full path, and this path includes the tenant id in the zip file. Correcting it manually may corrupt the archive. Creating the same organization name and copy the content over from the old one may not work because in some cases the JS server may not redirect the dependencies, so the reports may still point to the datasource bean from the old organization.

So if you are using those export backups please avoid deleting the organization whenever possible. With same organization id, you will not encounter issues when importing back.



Please note the solution above is applicable for On Premise customers only, as On Demand customers will not have access to Jaspersoft Console UI.


Hope this helps